Corporate Law


The business world of today is very complex and disputes of this nature are unique and complicated. Matters related to real estate, contracts, mergers, and fraud need to be resolved on a daily basis and often in a very timely fashion to adhere with all the legal deadlines. If you need to settle a business matter or dispute, it is essential that you contact an experienced business attorney who can assist you in finding an effective legal solution to your problem. We offer superior legal services to represent you in a variety of matters, including:

A fiduciary duty is, among other things, the obligation that an individual has to act in the best interests of another party and to make full and complete disclosure of all material facts. A fiduciary can breach their duty by taking deliberate steps that will benefit themselves and otherwise hurt the entity that was meant to be protected by such a relationship.

When you run a business, the last thing you want to worry about is the fidelity of your management. If you have discovered that your managers have started a competing business on the side or they are taking advantage of fiduciary du…

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Business partners often have disputes that can negatively impact the operation of their business. Sometimes the disputes can be resolved amicably, while other times it may be necessary for businesses and partners to resolve their disputes through the judicial system or some other form of alternative dispute resolution.

Occasionally, business partners have irreconcilable differences that make a business divorce necessary and unavoidable. Regardless of circumstance, it is vital to the favorable outcome of your case that you retain a competent business litigation attorney. Our legal team has b…

Business, Corporate and Partner Disputes/Dissolutions

Business litigation often arises when a company is facing a lawsuit with an individual, multiple individuals or when one business has an issue with another business. If you are facing a litigation issue, it is important that you work with an attorney who will fight for your business and work hard to maintain your good name. When negotiation, mediation and other forms of resolution are unsuccessful at solving the issue, working with a skilled litigator from Novins, York & Jacobus may give you the upper hand.

If you feel that you have been wronged by another business, employee, partner or contract holder,…

Business Litigation

Legal matters are bound to crop up during the course of business of any successful company.  When a civil wrong is committed against your company by another party, this is referred to as a business tort.  Most frequently, such matters as a breach of contract, corporate-client relationships or disputes involving real or intangible property.  When damage is threatened or levied against the best interests of your company, legal action must be taken.

Business torts can be complicated and you should never have to face them alone. These torts are not crimes committed against a person or proper…

Business Torts

We can assist our business clients in their commercial debt collection efforts. In general, a debtor is anyone who owes money to someone else (the creditor), either through a credit card, a bank loan, or a mortgage. Usually, there is a clear agreement between creditor and debtor as to how and when the debt must be repaid. If the debtor falls behind or fails to pay altogether, the creditor can refer the matter to a debt-collector or a collection agency.

In a commercial collection setting, the creditor and debtor are both business organizations, not individuals. We focus on helping the credit…

Commercial Collections

Contracts are designed to legally bind two or more entities in some sort of relationship.  When one or more parties ignore the terms of the contract, then the consequences can be detrimental and highly damaging to the other parties involved. If you have entered into a contractual relationship with another individual and they have not adhered to the terms of the contract, then they are said to be in breach of contract and you may be able to pursue recompense for your loss or damage.

As a business entity, you may rely heavily upon the law and various contracts in order to conduct business, b…

Contract Law

Novins, York & Jacobus has worked closely with generations of family business owners and executives. Our goal in these relationships is to facilitate the success and growth of our clients’ businesses as they transition between generations of ownership. To that end, we provide advice related to governance, risk management, employment, real estate and tax matters, as well as continuity and succession planning. In addition, we help family business owners anticipate risk and conflict through each stage of their business life cycle.

As family businesses pass from generation to generation, transferring owne…

Family Business

Disputes between commercial landlords and tenants are a very common occurrence. Disagreements arise over matters regarding services that people failed to deliver, nonpayment of rent, and wrongful eviction. In many cases, the parties involved are unable to resolve their disputes alone. It often takes a legal professional to help negotiate a satisfactory resolution for one or both of the parties.

Novins, York & Jacobus can assist in preparing a thorough lease or rental agreement that will protect the interests of the client.  With knowledgeable drafting of an agreement that leaves little room for misinte…

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Disputes between commercial landlords and tenants are a very common occurrence. Disagreements arise over matters regarding services that people failed to deliver, nonpayment of rent, and wrongful eviction. In many cases, the parties involved are unable to resolve their disputes alone. It often takes a legal professional to help negotiate a satisfactory resolution for one or both of the parties.

Loan Modifications

Whether you’re a shareholder in a corporation or a partner in a partnership, you have rights, and those rights matter. Frequently, though, your rights and interests are threatened by aggressive or downright improper activity. The civil litigation attorneys of Novins, York & Jacobus provide knowledgeable, effective legal representation to help you protect your interests and recover what you’ve lost.

We can help you with many types of shareholder or partnership disputes, including:

  • Appraisal proceedings
  • Breach of fiduciary duty litigation
  • Business succession disputes
Shareholder Disputes

Novins, York & Jacobus assists clients in the start-up phase of their business life cycles as they take critical steps to establish the foundation of their businesses. These steps can include choosing an appropriate entity type, hiring employees and drafting straightforward operating and ownership agreements to help reduce risk and the possibility of future disputes. We carefully listen to our clients’ objectives, and then analyze the nature of their business ventures, taking into consideration management and ownership structures, financial issues, degree of risk involved, as well as tax and other ramifi…


As a part of our larger business law practice, the lawyers at Novins, York & Jacobus offer advocacy, planning and dispute resolution in a broad range of business taxation issues encountered by business people and investors including:

  • IRS disputes and disputes with local, state, and federal taxing authorities
  • Employment tax issues
  • Collection, reporting, and refund of various business taxes – including sales, excise and use taxes
  • Estate tax issues – including interaction with taxing authorities during probate
  • Taxation of individual investors – including…



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