Business Torts

Legal matters are bound to crop up during the course of business of any successful company.  When a civil wrong is committed against your company by another party, this is referred to as a business tort.  Most frequently, such matters as a breach of contract, corporate-client relationships or disputes involving real or intangible property.  When damage is threatened or levied against the best interests of your company, legal action must be taken.

Business torts can be complicated and you should never have to face them alone. These torts are not crimes committed against a person or property, but rather toward a business entity with the intent to receive compensation from a company that has allegedly caused harm.

  • Contractual relations
  • Misrepresentation
  • Interference with business
  • Unfair competition

As a business, a lawsuit could cause serious financial loss if you lose, not to mention damage to your reputation. Fight allegations of fraud or violations of business regulations by hiring an attorney with the knowledge and aggression to defend you.