Novins, York & Jacobus assists clients in the start-up phase of their business life cycles as they take critical steps to establish the foundation of their businesses. These steps can include choosing an appropriate entity type, hiring employees and drafting straightforward operating and ownership agreements to help reduce risk and the possibility of future disputes. We carefully listen to our clients’ objectives, and then analyze the nature of their business ventures, taking into consideration management and ownership structures, financial issues, degree of risk involved, as well as tax and other ramifications specific to each form of business.

Based on our analysis, we recommend an appropriate business and ownership structure, then execute formation strategies that benefit our clients. Our attorneys draft contracts, as well as operating and ownership agreements tailored to each business’s ownership structure and objectives. These agreements can reduce liability, mitigate risk and provide a clear structure for dispute resolution and transitions in ownership. They also provide guidelines for management of the business in the future. In addition, we advise clients on employment policies and practices, owner and executive compensation structures (equity and non-equity), and capital raises.

After helping clients establish their businesses, we help owners and boards of directors maintain their operations, fostering growth while complying with organizing documents and protecting owner and shareholder investments. Our attorneys regularly handle complex business matters related to governance, transitions and transactions, strategic planning, extending product lines, raising financing, spinning off business units, offering new services or products, as well as dissolutions and dispositions through sale or merger.

As new federal, state and local laws take effect, we help our clients avoid legal and regulatory pitfalls and take advantage of benefits new laws may afford them. Throughout every stage of a client’s business, we encourage an eye to the future. We focus on business success and growth by implementing programs and procedures that allow our clients to be proactive, avoid controversy where possible and be strongly positioned in the event that controversy arises.