As a part of our larger business law practice, the lawyers at Novins, York & Jacobus offer advocacy, planning and dispute resolution in a broad range of business taxation issues encountered by business people and investors including:

  • IRS disputes and disputes with local, state, and federal taxing authorities
  • Employment tax issues
  • Collection, reporting, and refund of various business taxes – including sales, excise and use taxes
  • Estate tax issues – including interaction with taxing authorities during probate
  • Taxation of individual investors – including capital gains, partnership tax, special allocations and cash basis vs. accrual basis taxation.

Local, state, and federal tax laws are confusing and often interact in a complex manner based on individual business circumstances. Failure to secure competent counsel in this area could have devastating results, including financial penalties and protracted, expensive litigation.

We have substantial experience in this area and are skilled at not only avoiding conflict and resolving disputes, but also in identifying opportunities to exploit various business tax laws in order to protect assets and maximize corporate profits.