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Your Safety Net When Life Changes

In family law, emotions have a tendency to spiral out of control. The law firm of Novins, York & Jacobus is dedicated to taking a compassionate approach tempered with judgment to help relieve the pressure of family law disputes.

We are committed to providing supportive, skilled representation in complex divorce matters, child custody cases and marital property agreements. With years of experience, our law firm is recognized for offering trusted legal services with integrity. Put experience on your side. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

We are compassionate about helping you to minimize disruptions to your life, while striving for the most advantageous outcome possible involving a variety of family law areas including:

Adopting a child is an emotionally rewarding experience for any family. We strive for seamless adoption proceedings.  As a family law firm, we handle many types of issues that families can experience. Adoption can come in many forms. If you wish to adopt your spouse’s child or children, we can assist in pursuing termination of the noncustodial parent’s rights. Additionally, we handle:

  • Stepparent Adoption
  • Grandparent Adoption
  • Extended Family Member Adoption
  • Foster Child Adoption

We are committed to solving family legal issues with integ…


Children are often at the heart of a divorce case. Working out an appropriate parenting schedule, domicile restrictions, child support and legal custody issues are all part of making sure that each child’s best interests are taken into account.

We provide compassionate, skillful representation that focuses on our clients’ goals, while minimizing the impact of a divorce on a child.  We handle child custody and child visitation rights on behalf of mothers, fathers and grandparents.

Our firm’s lawyers evaluate a variety of factors to negotiate plans based on your children’s best interests….

Child Custody

Even when both parents recognize the importance of child support, determining an appropriate amount often creates disputes. We draw on our firm’s extensive background in and out of the courtroom to craft effective solutions based on your children’s best interests.

Our compassionate approach is tempered with judgment to help control the costs associated with resolving child support conflicts. We offer a comprehensive background handling enforcement and modification issues. Most importantly, we never forget the best interest of your children.

Child Support

Dividing marital assets is often the most complicated aspect of the divorce process. Marital property may include pension and retirement funds, closely held businesses, real estate and deferred compensation plans.  At Novins, York & Jacobus we have the financial acumen and experience to make sure your interests are protected. No estate is too large or complex for our legal professionals.

We will consult with forensic accountants and business valuation experts to determine which assets are considered community property, as well as the value of such assets. Any assets you and your ex-spo…

Complex Property Division

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Just as all marriages are unique, the factors leading to the end of a marriage can vary greatly. Effective divorce agreements are designed to meet the distinct needs of clients witho…


A paternity test can determine who the father of your child is for purposes of collecting child support. If you are the father of a child, a positive paternity test can help you to secure child custody rights or visitation. The test is an important tool if you want to positively identify the father of your child so that you can collect child support. The test is also useful if you do not believe you are the father of a child and want to avoid child support obligations. Our attorneys are interested in protecting the rights of individuals who want to establish or dis-establish paternity.

Our …

Paternity and Support

Child custody agreements and child support settlements are not written in stone. Circumstances change in people’s lives and changing times demand changes in settlements. Our skilled divorce modification attorneys can talk to you about your rights and options.

If you are paying child support and can no longer meet your legal obligations, or the amount of support you receive is insufficient, options may be available to modify your original divorce agreement.  Our law firm’s family law lawyers also pursue modifications of custody or visitation rights based on the children’s best interests. Fo…

Post-Judgment Modifications

Considering a prenuptial agreement. As skilled prenuptial agreement lawyers, we understand that this could be a difficult conversation because you will have to discuss the possible end of a marriage that has yet to begin. However, we also believe it is an important discussion that could prevent many future problems.

Premarital agreements, also commonly known as prenuptial agreements (or prenups) are becoming more common as couples remarry, or marry later in life. They are intended to provide a predictable result in the event of divorce.

We have drafted numerous premarital and postnuptial…

Premarital and Post-Marital Agreements

At Novins, York & Jacobus, we understand you have a lot at stake in a divorce. Our firm’s lawyers seek to alleviate anxieties without adding fuel to the fire.  We are committed to helping you address your spousal support concerns with collaborative law services.

Our law firm seeks to foster a constructive environment to minimize disputes.

Irrespective of the STATE STATUTES, parties can and often do agree to pay their ex-spouses alimony for many reasons, including the need for future support. Under the Internal Revenue Code, alimony payments are a deduction from the …

Spousal Maintenance


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Bringing a baby or older child to your home in America who lived in an orphanage overseas is joyful and exciting. Although State Department statistics show that the number of children from foreign countries being adopted by Americans has dropped by roughly 9 percent in the past few years, there are still plenty of adults […]

Spousal Support After Divorce

Alimony is money that one spouse pays to the other following a divorce.  Alimony may also be called spousal support or spousal maintenance.  Alimony is not an automatic right and judges are not required to order it. Whether you receive or pay alimony depends on your situation and the Court’s rules. Most people think that […]