Post-Judgment Modifications

Child custody agreements and child support settlements are not written in stone. Circumstances change in people’s lives and changing times demand changes in settlements. Our skilled divorce modification attorneys can talk to you about your rights and options.

If you are paying child support and can no longer meet your legal obligations, or the amount of support you receive is insufficient, options may be available to modify your original divorce agreement.  Our law firm’s family law lawyers also pursue modifications of custody or visitation rights based on the children’s best interests. For example, if domestic violence or substance abuse threatens the child’s well-being, we will advocate modifying the custody orders.  To modify a divorce agreement, it must be shown that there has been a significant change in circumstances. These circumstances are often financial, although they do not have to be. It may be due to job loss, an increase in income, remarriage or any other factor that has a substantial impact on finances.