Real Estate Law


Good news…bad news. We have all the real estate we’re ever going to have.

Which makes what you own or about to own very valuable.  We understand that.  We’re committed to offering progressive, innovative and efficient real estate services to both our commercial and residential real estate clients. Our attorneys combine their knowledge of real estate, business, finance, tax and land use to develop practical solutions to each real estate opportunity or challenge.

We are frequently involved with matters involving land use, environmental compliance and other entitlement related issues. We also provide legal services in the following real estate related areas:


At Novins, York & Jacobus, we provide creative and sophisticated solutions for investors, developers, builders, owners, landlords, tenants, borrowers, property managers and brokers. Managing complex real estate transactions with our innovative use of technology.  Regardless of your commercial real estate interests, we have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals.

Real estate transactions often involve the preparation of documents, contracts, and agreements. We focus on commercial real estate transactions including:

Purchase and sale agreements and other real esta…


Novins, York & Jacobus represents buyers, sellers, investors and lessees in their negotiations with financial institutions and lenders. Whether for acquisition funding or refinancing, appropriate financial structures are crucial to the success of real estate transactions and business operations. We carefully review financing documents to properly assess risks and to ensure that contract terms are fair and will achieve our clients’ short-term and long-term goals.

As part of the financing process, we assist clients through the processes of loan origination, loan purchase and sale, restructuring a…

Financing and Mortgage Related Issues


From simple to complex foreclosures, Novins, York & Jacobus attorneys have the sophistication and experience to assist with all aspects of commercial foreclosures. Our lawyers have successfully represented banks and other lenders and borrowers in foreclosure litigation. We handle cases involving mezzanine loans, major commercial properties, and multiple liens. We have also assisted our lender clients in liquidating apartment, office and industrial complexes, development projects, and residential properties ranging from small condominium and cooperative units to more sizable estates.


Land use law covers the appropriate and legal uses of land.  Attorneys in the Land Use Department advise clients on the development and use of both commercial and residential property and prepare and present applications to administrative agencies, including:

Zoning, Variances, and Permits

Local land use laws often dictate that land in a particular area can only be used for certain purposes or contain certain types or numbers of structures. Our land use lawyers can help landowners identify applicable zoning and permit regulations, apply for the necessary permits, and seek the permi…

Land Use

Novins, York & Jacobus has deep experience representing banks, title insurance companies and regular everyday people in real estate litigation cases. Most often, we find our real estate litigation cases involve the following types of claims:

Defects in Title

Novins, York & Jacobus has represented title insurance companies and land owners in litigation concerning defects in chains of title. A defect in the chain of title is a problem that results in the owner not having good, clean title to the land. This problem could be a judgment against a former owner of the property that was not satisfied,…


We work with clients to limit their exposure to legal and financial liabilities. When controversies arise, we advise buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants of the best course of resolution. Our team of attorneys includes negotiators, mediators, arbitrators and trial attorneys, all of whom have experience handling commercial and residential real estate contract disputes, commercial landlord-tenant disputes, title and boundary disputes, as well as disputes among property owners.

Our attorneys also are well-versed in construction lien and payment disputes, having represented general contractor…

Negotiating and Resolving Property Disputes

It is common knowledge that property values across the nation have drastically fallen in recent years. However, what most property owners don’t realize is that they have the right to appeal their property tax assessor’s valuation, based on the current value of their homes. To learn more about property tax appeals in contact the attorneys at Novins, York & Jacobus.

The major factor considered in determining your property taxes is the tax assessor’s appraisal of your property value. The higher your assessed value, the higher your property taxes will be. When the appraisal doesn’t match …

Property Tax Appeals

Navigating through the myriad of regulations governing landlord tenant relations can be daunting, as can appearing in proceedings before administrative agencies, courts, or the judiciary. At Novins, York & Jacobus, we recognize the challenges that owners, landlords, property management companies and tenants alike face in legal matters and aggressively represent them, while providing practical and cost-effective advice.

Landlord tenant disputes can be related to any number of lease violations. However a majority of the cases we handle are related to:

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Continued d…

Tenant/Landlord Relationships

Commercial zoning laws pertain to commercial properties including office buildings, industrial and warehouses, retail and shopping center and mixed-use properties.  Apartment, townhouse and condominium zoning laws are generally covered under residential zoning laws.

As part of your contract negotiations, you should include a contract contingency that the purchase of the property is contingent upon you obtaining rezoning or a zoning variance for the property.   If you are unable to get the property rezoned or obtain a variance, you will be able to cancel the contract, and find another …

Zoning Issues


Legal Methods for Stopping a Home Foreclosure

Following the real estate market crash, people all over the country lost their homes to foreclosure, along with many more to short sale. Last year, the number of foreclosures hit the lowest level since 2006. As of January 2015, foreclosures dropped another 2.7 percent, bringing the total number to a consecutive 39-month low. Throughout the […]

How to Get Illegal Squatters Out of Your House

You return home after a two-month-long vacation only to find strangers squatting in your house. The problem is that these people have lived in your home since the time you left and even receive mail there. To regain possession of your property, you have few options, each usually taking time to process. Now the battle […]