Land Use

Land use law covers the appropriate and legal uses of land.  Attorneys in the Land Use Department advise clients on the development and use of both commercial and residential property and prepare and present applications to administrative agencies, including:

Zoning, Variances, and Permits

Local land use laws often dictate that land in a particular area can only be used for certain purposes or contain certain types or numbers of structures. Our land use lawyers can help landowners identify applicable zoning and permit regulations, apply for the necessary permits, and seek the permission of regulatory boards, planning commissions, city councils, and other agencies or boards when a variance is needed. We will work with qualified land use consultants and local planning departments to ensure all requirements are met.

“Red Tag” Violations

A “red tag” is a notice from a city or county that a property owner has violated local land use laws in some way. The alleged violation may involve building without a permit or use of land that has not been zoned for that use. We’ll review the details of the “red tag” violation and help land owners correct any mistakes.

Boundary Disputes

These may range from a simple dispute between neighbors about whose property a particular tree or fence sits on to a serious oversight that may adversely affect the property’s marketable title. Our attorneys will seek the assistance of highly qualified title officers, land surveyors, and other experts to help neighbors settle boundary disputes.

Property Tax Reassessments

Property taxes can form a significant part of a homeowner’s or business owner’s annual budget. If the value of a properly is assessed incorrectly, it can drive these taxes far higher than they should be. Our Los Angeles and use lawyers can help property owners establish the proper value of their land to ensure taxes are assessed fairly.

We work closely with clients, architects, engineers and project managers in an effort to maximize client satisfaction, whether a project involves a small addition to a residence or the construction of a large commercial facility.

Our attorneys provide the best possible representation to clients in the purchase, lease or improvement of property and in any disputes over ownership or use of property, including use by easement or license and claims of adverse possession and trespass.