Property Tax Appeals

It is common knowledge that property values across the nation have drastically fallen in recent years. However, what most property owners don’t realize is that they have the right to appeal their property tax assessor’s valuation, based on the current value of their homes. To learn more about property tax appeals in contact the attorneys at Novins, York & Jacobus.

The major factor considered in determining your property taxes is the tax assessor’s appraisal of your property value. The higher your assessed value, the higher your property taxes will be. When the appraisal doesn’t match the current value of your home, our experienced real estate lawyers can represent you throughout the property tax appeal process.

You may not know whether pursuing a property tax appeal is worth your time or the legal fees involved. At Novins, York & Jacobus, we will look at all of your options and all relevant information regarding your property before making a recommendation to appeal your property tax amount.