The honest answer?  These are cases that most of the time, you should not have wasted your time, money or energy with.    In small claims court, the maximum amount you can sue for is $3,000.00.  So, if you hire a lawyer to collect an amount less than $3,000.00, even if that lawyer can practically guarantee a win, the math will not work out very well.  At bare minimum, your lawyer will probably charge you $1,000.00 to file the claim.  So, you are down to attempting to collect, at most, $2,000.00.

You think you can sue for your attorney’s fees right?  Well, you can, but good luck collecting – it is VERY rare for a Judge to award attorney’s fees in any kind of case.

So, your attorney files the Complaint and you go to Court.  Maybe the Defendant does not bother to show up in Court.  In this case, you get an automatic judgment against the Defendant!  You barely did any work and you won.  Congratulations.  Now, you have to try and collect.  It’s VERY difficult, and again generally not worth the time, money or aggravation.