While bar fights are a relatively uncommon occurrence, they do occur. Often, people end up going their own way without injury, but in some cases, an individual is hurt. If you were in a bar fight that resulted in injuries, whether as an innocent bystander or participant, you may be able to take legal action.

Usually, excessive alcohol consumption is at the heart of the problem. Although many people handle alcohol well, others become downright mean and aggressive. Unfortunately, mean drunks are notorious for feeling euphoric, paranoid, and overly opinionated.

Regardless if you sustained injuries from a flying object, being hit, or an overly eager bouncer who went too far in performing his or her duties, there may be a reason to file a personal injury claim against the perpetrator as well as the bar owner. After calling law enforcement and seeking medical care for your injuries, the next call should be to a respected personal injury attorney.

From a legal perspective, bar patrons are invitees, meaning they have a legal right to be safe from any undue harm and injury while on the establishment’s property. That means the bar owner is responsible for your safety anywhere on the property, inside and outside.

According to the law, bar owners must do everything possible to keep patrons reasonably safe. The challenge is that the word “reasonably” does not have a firm definition. Because of that, the fight must be analyzed to identify the person or persons responsible for your injuries and to ensure that everything was done to ensure your safety.

In a case like this, you have the burden of proof. This is why capturing video, taking photographs of your injuries, getting witness statements, calling law enforcement, and getting medical documents are so critical. This evidence will help your attorney determine the person or persons responsible for your injuries.

Especially if your injuries are serious, such as sustaining burns, having a broken bone, or suffering from head trauma, hiring an attorney is essential. Depending on the underlying circumstances of the fight, as well as the reaction of the bouncer, bar owner, and other bar employees, you may be able to recoup lost monies for medical bills, missed time from work, and even pain and suffering.

Often, an attorney can settle the claim out of court. However, if things need to move forward, you have the legal backing needed to win. Because there are so many factors involved with this type of situation, the best way to recoup financial loss is by hiring an attorney who has experience and expertise with personal injury claims and lawsuits.

The bottom line is that if you were injured during a bar fight, there are a number of things that must be proven. However, with the right evidence, your attorney will either help you file an insurance claim against the perpetrator, bar owner, or establishment or take the case before a court of law. After being injured in a bar fight, you should not try to handle things on your own. Instead, you need the support, guidance, and advice of a personal injury attorney.