Whether from being in shock or trying to be helpful, most people say way too much following a car accident. To you, this is not a problem, but for the attorney that you hire afterward, saying the wrong things can be devastating to your case. Whether you have been in a car accident or want to prepare for the future, the information provided below is incredibly important.


Never Say: “I’m Sorry”

By human nature, many people involved in an accident, even when not the at-fault driver, will apologize. However, a few simple words of kindness can become a major obstacle down the road. Especially in today’s world of mobile technology, a person can easily capture you saying the wrong thing.

Even if a formal investigation shows that you did not cause the accident, getting an insurance company to pay out will likely be more difficult and take longer if you apologize. Something else to consider is that the other driver may perceive your apology as an admission of guilt.


Never Say: “It Was My Fault”

It is extremely important that you never admit to being at fault when dealing with a car accident. For one thing, the accident might turn out to be the other driver’s fault, regardless of what you thought. Even when proven that you did not cause the accident, those words can create a huge challenge. For instance, in a situation where proving the at-fault driver comes down to “he said, she said,” those four little words would likely destroy any chance of getting financial compensation.


Never Say: “We Don’t Have to Notify the Police”

Even for a minor car accident, call the police. Being honest, you may feel that you are doing the at-fault driver a favor when asked not to call the authorities. However, it is a huge red flag when a driver tries to sway you from calling the police. Either that person has no driver’s license, the vehicle is uninsured or unregistered, or the individual has outstanding warrants.

In serious accidents, always dial 911 immediately. The only time that you would not notify the police of a minor accident is if the public was advised to only make walk-in reports due to bad weather.


Never Say: “I’m Calling My Insurance Company”

Although you have been taught to call your insurance company from the scene when in an accident, this is actually something that you want to avoid. The fact is that even minor accidents are traumatizing. If you focus on calling your insurance provider, your injuries or the injuries of passengers might be overlooked. Instead, get checked out or treated at the hospital first.


Contact an Attorney

When involved in an accident that was not your fault, whether there were injuries involved, the best course of action is to contact a personal injury attorney. That way, every detail of the accident is evaluated carefully. In addition, filing a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance provider will be faster, easier, and more successful. Having an attorney in your corner will also make it easier to win a lawsuit if the insurance company refuses your claim.