Throughout history, grandparents have played a vital role in the raising of grandchildren. However, many grandparents are now adopting their grandkids, which means completely taking over the responsibility of raising them. There are many reasons for this type of adoption. The following scenarios explain why some biological parents can no longer care for their children.

  • Have gone through or are going through a tumultuous divorce
  • Dealing with a major health issue
  • Passed away
  • Struggling with a drug, alcohol, or some other addiction
  • Are incarcerated
  • Have abused, neglected, or abandoned the children

Regardless of the situation, many grandparents step forward to adopt their grandchildren, thereby preventing them from going to the wrong family, being split up, or becoming wards of the state. Along with the benefits of adopting your grandchildren is a great deal of responsibility. The family law attorney that you hire will work on your behalf to prove to the court that you can guarantee your grandchildren a loving and safe home environment.

Your attorney will also confirm to the court that you are physically able to care for your grandchildren, that you can provide them with medical insurance, and that you have the financial means to take over in a “parental” role. In some situations, the issue of parental visitation must also be addressed.

As part of the adoption process, your family law attorney will ensure that you have the legal right to enroll your grandkids in school and make decisions regarding their healthcare, among other things. Going through this kind of adoption process usually is overwhelming. However, by hiring a reputable family law attorney, you know that someone is in your corner preparing the way for success.

If you are in a situation of needing or wanting to adopt your grandchildren — or to take temporary custody or legal guardianship of them — hiring the right family law attorney is one of the most important decisions that you will make. An attorney that specializes in this area of the law will work hard toward a smooth and successful transition so that you end up with legal and permanent custody of your grandchildren.

In 2000, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that over 6 million children are being raised by adults other than their biological parents. Of these adults, grandparents account for the majority. Ultimately, the court will do what it deems best for the children. Your attorney’s job is to show that you will provide your grandkids with a loving and stable environment, thereby making you the obvious choice.

The scenario of grandparents adopting grandchildren is complex since each state has unique laws. This is one reason why it is so critical to hire a highly qualified attorney. In addition, the adoption process usually is emotionally draining for not only you but also your grandchildren and even their living parents. In addition to handling all of the legalities of the adoption, the right attorney will show compassion for your situation to help you through.