With over two decades of legal experience, York has become a true pillar in the field of litigation, offering his clients unparalleled legal counsel and representation. His areas of specialization include Real Estate, Land Use & Planning, Banking & Corporate, and the ever-thriving arena of Civil Litigation.
Navigating the Legal Landscape
Litigation is thriving, and York has been at the forefront for 21 years. In fact, his dedication knows no county bounds. He emphasizes, “I primarily serve Ocean, Monmouth and Atlantic Counties, however the county in which the litigation occurs does not make a difference.”
One shining example of York’s expertise is a case where a recommendation spoke volumes. In a unique scenario involving a cohabiting couple, York litigated against one party, ultimately securing a victory. Even though the opposing party may not have been pleased, he referred his own mother to York because he recognized exceptional results when he saw them. “He may have disliked me personally,” York remembers, “but he acknowledged that I was good at what I do.”
Advice for Potential Clients
With a wealth of experience, York offers valuable advice to potential clients. He notes, “The challenge with litigation, in general, is that the litigants sometimes pay their lawyers more than the case is worth. It’s essential to consider whether proceeding down this route is financially viable.” He also emphasizes the importance of compromise: “Be prepared to compromise. You won’t always get everything you want. If I can secure half of what you desire, consider it a victory.” York highlights that less than one percent of cases go to trial, and the litigation process typically spans about two years from inception to resolution.
A Firm with a Unique Character
NYJD is a firm that holds a special place for Michael York. “I love the path we are on; we’ve kept it small,” he shares. “With just five lawyers currently on the team, we enjoy the small-town feel of Ocean County and a practice where there aren’t many conflicting opinions among the partnership. Everyone gets along great, which sets us apart from other firms.” York’s approach to networking is unique too. “Building strong relationships is key to our success. I focus on maintaining strong connections, even with fellow lawyers, to ensure doors remain open for future negotiations.”
A Commitment to Community
York is also an active member of the community. A native of Ocean County, he graduated from Toms River High School South and remains deeply involved within the community. He serves as a board member for several local and regional chambers of commerce, professional associations, healthcare and educational organizations and facilities, youth groups, and charities including Ocean County College, Bright Harbor Healthcare and the 21 Plus Foundation.