Spousal Support After Divorce

Alimony is money that one spouse pays to the other following a divorce.  Alimony may also be called spousal support or spousal maintenance.  Alimony is not an automatic right and judges are not required to order it. Whether you receive or pay alimony depends on your situation and the Court’s rules. Most people think that […]

What is a Tax Appeal?

Each and every year you receive a small 3x5 index card in the mail from your municipality.  It simply states what your tax assessment is for the year.  In other words, it says your total assessment is $300,000 and your taxes will be in accordance with that number.  Each year most of us look at […]

How do I contest a will?

A will contest is a legal action challenging the validity of a will.  There are many reasons you may wish to challenge the validity of a will.  Maybe you believe that the person who signed the will was under “undue influence” when he/she signed it or possibly the signature is a forgery.  There are many […]

What is a Visa and how do I get one?

A “visa” or “Machine Readable Visa” is a document issued by a United States Consulate to a foreign national which is placed into a passport.  The MRV allows someone to board an airplane or travel and present themselves to the United States and request admission.  It will usually have an expiration date and identifies how […]

What is a Durable Power of Attorney and Do I Need One?

Creating a Power of Attorney makes certain that someone you trust (usually called your agent or attorney-in-fact) will be available to manage your financial affairs should you become incapacitated.    For example, should you suffer an injury that forces you into an extended hospital stay, or your health deteriorates due to age.  As we all know, […]

Should I hire a lawyer to fight my traffic ticket?

For starters, you have very little to lose in fighting the ticket, even if you do so on your own without the assistance of a lawyer.    You may simply appear at the time of your scheduled hearing and try and negotiate with the prosecutor.  As they say, you never know. However, lawyers appear in Municipal […]


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