Pioneering Farm Law
Pioneering Farm Law

Partner at Novins, York, Jacobus and Dooley Attorneys at Law shines light on Farmers’ Rights, as well as agricultural and aquacultural advocacy.
Lauren M. Dooley is a distinguished partner renowned for her expertise in Farm Law. With an unwavering dedication to the legal profession and an impressive career spanning 20 years, Dooley has emerged as a trailblazer in the field, representing farmers, agricultural practices, and advocating for their rights across New Jersey.
Dooley’s journey in Farm Law began with a civil court clerkship for the Honorable Edward M. Oles. Her passion for supporting the agricultural community led her to represent the Ocean County Agriculture Development Board for nearly a decade, honing her skills and gaining extensive experience in all aspects of New Jersey Farm Law. From the Right to Farm Act to the Farmland Preservation Program, Farmland Assessment, SSAMPs, and associated litigation, Dooley has demonstrated her prowess in navigating complex legal challenges faced by farmers.
Over the years, she has cultivated strong relationships with farmers, earning their trust and respect through her dedicated advocacy. Her practice has organically grown to encompass a broad spectrum of agricultural clients, ranging from aquaculture to crop growers, solidifying her position as a go-to expert in the industry.
The Right to Farm Act holds significant importance in New Jersey, offering farmers protection from government regulation, civil claims, and municipal prosecution. Dooley's dedication to supporting farmers is evident in her unwavering commitment to representing them in court. "It is the most satisfying thing I do in my practice," she affirms.

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